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Work in progress … thanks for helping

We’ve stream of riders ‘invading’ the bike park during this build phase.

Well for you guys out there who are itching to ride the trail, test the flow, we’ve to thank you for helping,


“we won’t need any extra testing nor incidents at Tampines Bike Park for now”.

The trail is littered with construction material, dangerous tools and pointy objects everywhere.

Tampines Trail is not what it used to be, some part of the trail that is so familiar to most a year ago are now different,

with some rocks loosely place and stockpile for the next day build, you never know what you expect around the corner.

So we read the boy who crashed 2 afternoon ago is now diagnosed with a  fractured arm, and we certainly won’t want to see another incident of this.

Riding in partially compacted trail during this wet season will simply delay the trail build process and the future sustainability of the trail thread.

We won’t need your contribution of deep tire markings around the berms and riding surfaces.

So where to ride?

The Kidney Hills (Upper Kidney and Lower Kidney), breakwater flat and moonscape climb are still available for riding.

Do keep your ride there if you badly need your offroad time at Tampines Bike Park, the new detour at the side of the main entrance is mostly done and should route you to the open trails.

By riding kidney hills, the trail can be better compacted for the upcoming race and at the same time helps identify troublespot.

Just give us a shout, when you see something that worth fixing. we will try to check it out.

everyone else just wait on a few weeks more …