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Speed Dual Trials is about 2 riders racing head to head in a special designed course meant for most off road discipline of cycling sport. The rules are simple, beat the other guy beside you to cross the line first, or you will not see the next starting line.


Riders will be paired up against each other base on their timings in a single lone run or best of 2 lone runs.

Then the top 16 riders will enter a knock out table all the way to emerge the ultimate Speed Dual Trials Champion!


The course is build for everyone! With slow speed maneuvers, high speed jumps, technical and of course chicken lines! It not all about skill in this kind of competition, but really, it’s the trill of going side to side and beating the guy next to you who are more skilled but you won just because you chose a better line.


Lots of planning and split second decisions in the choice of lines are endless! Not forgetting that extra touch of luck! Hear the heart beat of your opponent beside you!




28th Feb 2009, 12 noon -12.30 pm



Speed Trials Course, Tampines Mountain Bike Park
(see race course map)


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