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Not ready to compete the full blown race? Giving support to your fellovw teammates, friends and family?


Get involved!

This race offers an opportunity for everyone!


We need dedicated people to form the race crew who are either good leaders or good team players to help make our long endurance event a success.


Like the racers, the race crew may have to struggle through harsh weather conditions, tropical bugs and long hours, pushing the limit of one's adventure in the wilder side of Singapore.


All race crew will receive catered meals, T-shirt  and a crew honorarium (money in simple english!) and a chance to be part of the dirty weekend in the history of mountain biking in Singapore.



Course Management


Course Marshal - the race judge and marshalling end of the race, making sure the racer goes by the rule, goes by the correct race route and stays troublefree. With radios comms, you may be offered a  live commentary of the race situation.


Course Manager - If you have experience managing groups of race crew, you may be on the way to managing a whole section of the race course. Making sure your group is well hydrated, attending to race situations, and at times fixing a few holes.


Aid Station Crew - Welfare and drinks is your call. We are talking about a long race and dehydrated racers. Be a champion mixer and feeder .. just leave the alcohol at home.


Ground Crew - If offroading and getting muddy is part of your passion, if you're a wannabe of MacGyver doing some quickthinking rope work, this is your ground, making sure the trails and race route is ever ideal for racing.


Transportation - Have an urge to do some offroad motorized support? having that 4x4 or scrambler sitting too clean in your garage? you will be having fun doing some rare offroading in this island. you may be attending to some emergencies, doing logistics while you are having your offroad fun.




As with any long endurance race, there's will be need for medical and trauma support. We welcome any medical personnel to offer their services so to cover the long hours needed. Offroad paramedic and firstaider are welcome too!


Carnival Area

Race Secretariat - You be handling racer, registration, goodie bags, finisher entitlements.

Start/Finish Line - The ever critical area for any races. You will be handling various race related matters and racer transit. Here you'll witness the race first hand and get to be the first to know who are the first racers in.

Carnival Crew - If you love shopping in bazaars and like interacting with people, this your chance to be part of the carnival. You will be handling vendors and people, tables and power, goodies and freebies.

Race Timing - Here's where you get serious. Got a careful eye and a cool finger? You will be handling race timing and electronics. If you have either a keen eye on numbers or great database /spreadsheet skills, you are much needed here. IT geeks are welcome too especially if you are proficient in any of these acroynms  - SQL, TCP/IP, 802.11g, /sbin/bash

Security - Policeman for the day.




Race Kit Collection - Kit collection day is a big day. You will be handling racer and goody bags.
Transportation - Tons of race logistics before race day.


Ready to help? Tell us about yourself and we'll be in contact with you soon.