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The original Tampines Mountain Bike Track was an approx 3-km long gravel track with slight undulation. It was the flattest beginner mountain biking track and the fastest off-road racing venue Singapore had to offer.

In 2006, DirTraction worked hand-in-hand with RMC Pte Ltd, the contractors at the Tampines trail, to create an additional 4km of off-road trail extension. A man-made, “teletubby-like” knoll was created on top of a flat piece of land, and a winding, multiple- switchback singletrack was carved out of that hill. A short jungle section allowed for some cool relief from the majority open-field course, followed by a long straight dirt track. Plans were underway for the creation of a 4-cross track.

In 2007, DirTraction and RMC got their hands dirty again in the construction of yet another 3 km of off-road trail. A sister knoll was added with more signature short climbs and downslopes, s-curves and long switchbacks that pattern the hill slopes. Certain sections of the mud-thirsty jungle sections are now elevated on northshore-style platforms, while certain branching grassy paths were created along the gravel track, some parts even skirting around a picturesque pond.

In April 2008, a refreshing new 10-km Tampines mountain bike track was born, although parts are still slightly raw on the edges. With pet names like Horizon Hill, Banana Berm, Ziggurat,  Descender, Moonscape Climb, The Ridge, Kidney Stone, Pond Curve,  Wooded Wonder-The Shore, Breakwater Flat and Monster Mud Madness, DirTraction can only wish all participants happy thoughts when you’re taking on this new challenging 10-km trail!