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8 Hour Mountain Bike Enduro Race Course map

approx 6.8km per lap


 legal notes : All maps and layout remains the property of Dirtraction Group Pte Ltd. 


The race course starts at the common start finish area  beside the BMX track, doing a right turn on the tarmac before hitting a series of turns to the Boomerang that narrowed down the 8metres width of the track to a single track.


Staying in front during the first lap at the boomerang is critical, get it right and you get the rights to rail the single tracks all the way through the smooth flow of Deep Purple, the rough detour lines of Marbles, the smooth Eel and the Bus stop.


Overtaking opportunity available at the XCO feedzone (no feeding here for the marathon) around the valley, in which one should be prepare to tackle the longest series of climb up the hamburger hills.


Lower hamburger with its humps and pumps brings one to the Upper Hamburger with smoother ride before peaking at the top of the hill. Those technically incline rider should take the front here with an easy newbie rock garden (Hamburger Garden) and a very smooth flow ride all the way to Angry, a sharp left turn before hitting the wonderland in front of the BMX area.


The new revised lines smooth the flow all the way to Raptor, in which the marathon route brings you through the detour, watch out for the shape hairpin!


climbing back to midhill, the route brings you down to slingshot, a series banked turn with the lower slingshot a tight bend rewarding riders who do flat turns well. Going through this section clean will reward riders down the mice drop.

The ziggurat climb brings one up the small backhill of Tampines Bike Park before welcoming the easy fireroad where one can bring on the big rings.


The long flat route bring one back to the FEEDZONE 2 near the START FINISH, where one swing through the fence into the wooded section towards the long straight easy fire road


Moonscape climb will NOT be featured this year, the climb is not in its best condition and we are definitely giving it a miss with a broken water crossing.

We hit the realm of the sandcrawlers at Jawa's Lair, skirting fine sandy terrain all the way to the back of the hills.

where we welcome Breakwater flat, This long easy fireroad brings one through various easier less sandy options on the left to the start of the lower kidney hill


A very different ride at the grass filled kidney hill this year, much more compacted than 2011, the climb brings one to the top of the ridge. A series of singletracks around the Ewok jungles and tree fetish brings you to the upper section of Moonscape Climb where one connects to the ridge again further down.

A 2nd visit to the Kidney Hils brings a descent down the kidney network to reconnect with the gated YOG section.


Upon entry through the fence, one intercept the service road beside the ziggurat, taking one back to to shady straight.


The lap ends at the finish straights and one should check in at the TIMING ZONE, and riders can then continue on with the next lap.


PIT STOP is now just 100metres after the TIMING ZONE, riders are able to check in for water and technical support.
TRANSITION ZONE is now done at an area outside the PIT STOP for faster and seemless transition, but riders may still transit at the PIT STOP.


Have fun!