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BMX and BSX Race Categories


UCI Mens Juniors BMX 20" (17-18 years old) UCI Licence required
UCI Women's Juniors BMX 20" (17-18 years old)
UCI Licence required
BSX Open MTB 26" (19 yrs and above) non UCI format
BSX Juniors MTB 26" (18yrs and below) non UCI format


Notes :

  • UCI license required for BMX, age calculated as per UCI rules (2010 - 1992 = 18 years old)
  • BSX race will be run on 4x format where 4 rider starts in a series of three motos (heats) before qualifying for knockout rounds (Quarter Final, Semi Finals, Finals).
  • BSX Race : As part of risk management and introduction of the track to the local riding scene, supervisory authority and organiser will require that rider racing the BSX race to have  prior participation in Dirtraction's Super D race in the past 3 years, the invitation will only be extend to non Super D racer on a case by case basis, do write to us.