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Super D Categories


Men's Elite National Riders and Experienced Riders
19 yrs and above
Men's Open
the rest of us "mortals"
14 yrs and above
Women's Open
Ladies only
14 yrs and above


Notes :

  • All participants must be the age specified above as at 1 January 2009.
  • A seeding run will be held for each rider to determine the starting order of the final run (pls note that the seeding run is not a qualifying run. Provided you complete the seeding run, you will proceed to the final run in the order as determined by your timing results from the seeding run. Any Participant that does not go for the seeding run will not be allowed to start their final run. 
  • The organiser has discretion to place applicants in the relevant categories according to their experience levels for a more level playing field.
  • Any category with less than 5 participants will either not start or will be combined with other categories at the organiser's discretion.