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If you have any questions about the race, pls send your queries to us via the "Contact Us Form" and we'll post the answers here if it applies to all participants. Meanwhile, please do read the Q&A posted below.



Why don't you accept paper registration?

Unlike previous events by Dirtraction, we stopped accepting paper registration for this race.

Administratively it is easier to get your race details proper and this eventually will benefit racers in view of cleaner race operations.


How much is the registration fees?

Registration fees listing are available upon clicking RACE REGISTRATION and 'Sign Up Online'.

What is the school challenge?

As part of Dirtraction effort to encourage cycling within youth and school kids, we are offerning a heavily subsidised school challenge category for the cyclone race series.

School challenge allows you to sign up representing your school and compete against other schools for a ranking.

We would encourage you to notify your staff/teacher of this race and you may be able to get your race time and accomplishment during the race recognized as part of your school ECA.

If I am a student, what categories may I join?
If you are between 14 - 16 yrs, you can join the Juniors-B category.
If you are between 17 - 18 yrs, you can join the Juniors-A category.

All of the above requires you to be of the requisite age and a student as at 1st January of the year.

Alternatively, if you are 14 yrs and above and do not want to join the Junior Races, you can join any of the other categories for all the events.

If you are 9 yrs and below, you can join the Kids D Race. You need not be a student to join this race.
If you are 10 - 13 yrs old, you can join the Kids C Race. Once again, you need not be a student to join this race.


I would like to be part of the race crew, What should I do?

We welcome anyone who just simply enjoys the sensation of being a part of the race, to join our race crew. You may sign up via our "Join the Race Crew" link. Meals will be covered and we offer a small token sum to cover your expenses as part of the race crew.


Why are some part of the race route partially completed?

As part of Dirtraction's vision to realise more trail networks in Singapore, part of the race expenses is spent on trail rebuilding/maintenance and the building of new trails. Trail planning and permission are normally given only a few months ahead of race day by the land managers and as such, we usually have to complete the trail building effort in these tight few weeks.

Rest assured that the race routes will be available for practise at least 2 weeks ahead of the race day.


Where does Dirtraction get the resources to bulid the trail network?

Trail building can be a time/resource consuming work. Dirtraction continuously pushes to get resources to be placed into building/maintaining trails around Singapore, brought to us by various interested parties, authorities and organisations. At times, resources are hard to come by and we do devote part of the race budget into trail building/maintenance. We welcome any parties who would like to get involved in these effort.

Do contact us if your organisation/company is interested in sponsoring part of these trail building effort.