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Mountbatten Criterium




Fast, intense, spectator friendly Mountbatten Criterium is back. 
With the race course similar to the one ran last year, intense riding, and fast sweeping corners promise excitement just like before.

The criterium will be run as an Elimination Criterium format, where riders will be stripped off bit by bit as the laps goes by.
More info at the rules and regulations section.

Promotion and Goodies

- Conticomponents Boutique
Race participants will get 10% discount off  purchases from Conticomponents Boutique distribution brands (Carver, KCNC, Aerozine, Crud, Scrub, Clarks and Onza) and 5% off the rest of the brands available from their sales channel.

- Exposure Lights and Science In Sports Nutrition
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Sun 24th Oct 2010 (7am - 12noon)


Race Course

Mountbatten Community Centre Carpark
(see race course map)


Race Registration

Registration details available here.

DEADLINE for registration is 19th Oct 2010, 1800hrs



Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations applicable to the criterium is available here (PDF)


participant shall be deemed to have read and understood the rules and regulations upon registering for the race.

While you should be physically fit and not be advised not to take part in our event, if you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of, pls write to us and we will inform our race doctor.

Elimination Criterium Rules :

  • Riders will be placed in qualifying heats in accordance to the cyclone race series ranking, with each heats not more than 20 riders
  • There will be no heats round for category with than 15 riders.
  • Lead riders may not lap the back markers.
  • There will be no elimination of riders in the first 5 laps
  • the last rider will be pulled off each lap from the 6th lap onwards until the field is left with 3 riders.


Team Tentage & Advertising Materials

  • Team tentage should only be placed in the designated area.
  • Display of any banners or advertising material should only be confined within each individual tentage.
  • Unauthorized distribution of promotional material paid or unpaid is not allowed.
  • Teams and riders are responsible for the cleaniness of the surrounding, please asked for waste bags from our crew.



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