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Race Categories


Cross Country (XC) Time Trials Categories Laps
4 laps
Women's OPEN
4 laps
Mens MASTERS (40yrs and above)
4 laps
Mens Senior-A (30-39yrs) 4 laps
Mens Senior-B (20-29yrs) 4 laps
Tertiary (Universities/JC/Polytechnics or 19yrs)
4 laps
Schools/Junior-A (17-18yrs)
4 laps
Schools/Junior-B (14-16yrs) 4 laps
Kids-C (10-13yrs) 5 laps Kids Course
Kids-D (9 and below) 3 laps Kids Course
Super D Categories
OPEN (19 yrs and above)
Super D Course
JUNIORS (18 yrs and below)
Super D Course
MASTERS (40 yrs and above) Super D Course


Notes :

  • XC Time Trial Lap Distance : approx 5km per lap
  • Kids Time Trial Lap Distance : approx 1km per lap
  • All participants age are calculated with current year minus birth year, eg 2009 - 1969 = 40 (Mens Masters)
  • Any category with less than 5 participants will either not start or will be combined with other categories at the organiser's discretion.
  • Super D event : Super D event scoring is based off the total time for 2 runs.