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Race Categories


Team Time Trial

48km (4 laps)
Womens OPEN QUAD 24km (2 laps)
Mens MASTERS QUAD (40yrs and above) 36km (3 laps)
Mens Seniors QUAD (19 - 39 yrs) 36km (3 laps)
Juniors QUAD (14-18yrs)
24km (2 laps)
Kids QUAD (13yrs and below)
12km (1 laps)
Mixed QUAD (at least 1x Mens Masters, 1x Ladies)
36km (3 laps)
Fun QUAD 24km (2 laps)
MTB QUAD (Mountain Bike 26" - 29") 24km (2 laps)
Mens DUO 36km (3 laps)
Mixed DUO 36km (3 laps)


Notes :

  • Age is determined by the present year minus the year of birth of the competitor. Example, 2009 minus 1989 is 20yrs.
  • Any category with less than 5 participants (teams) will either not start or will be combined with other categories at the organiser's discretion.
  • All QUAD category racers are require to finish with at least 3 riders, while Mixed QUAD requires all 4 riders to finish.
  • All DUO category requires both riders to finish.
  • For 36km distance, combination of age group : the following age group will rank in priority for teams who wish to form up with a combination of different age groups
    • Mens Seniors
    • Mens Juniors/Mens Masters
meaning if there's a 31 year old (Mens Seniors) rider who wish to form up with 3 other Mens Masters rider, the team should compete in Mens Senior category.