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XC Race Route


For those who are familiar with the trail network in Ketam MTB Park, the race route in words will read like this :


START off via section B06(Blue Grass) route along all the way to end Section B10, and join Section B01 (Pine Ride).

at the end of pine ride join up with L01 (Golden Orb) all the way to end of L07 (China Bowl).

Climb up L09 (Bird Ridge) and bomb down the nice downhills to L11 (Lactate) and L12 (Enough!) join up B03 (Pave) and B04 (Easy Ridge) and take B05 (Quarry View) all the way back to the START FINISH again.


You may take any Double Black Diamond options if needed (most of them are longer and a lot more technical anyway) so do it on your own will while having fun!


XC Race Route



Short Track/Kids Race Route



Super D Race Route

The Super D offered at Ketam MTB Park is balanced, with tricky rock chute and a flattish sprint section, bringing one to the pump track before bombing down the finish line.



Section Segment Distance (metres)
Blue Square Grade
B01 Pine Ride 375
B02 Eagle's Nest 100
B03 Pavé 320
B04 Easy Ridge 155
B05 Quarry View 300
B06 Blue Grass 200
B07 Pumpin' 120
B08 Sea Breeze 175
B09 Ubin Straits 300
B10 Grassy Knoll 730

Black Diamond Grade

L01 Golden Orb 385
L02 Black Forest 470
L03 Rockies 450
L04 Rock n Roll 920
L05 Martian 175
L06 Razorback 345
L07 China Bowl 175
L08 Short Circuit 30
L09 Bird Ridge 475
L10 Down Roller 390
L11 Lactate 280
L12 Enough! 435
L13 Black Cobra 230

Double Black Diamond Grade

D01 Overshot
D02 Strangler
D03 Sleeper
D04 Moab
D05 Diamond
D06 GraveDrop




Start/Finish Area

Please refer to the map below for information on the technical/feed zone, race secratariat location and where to set up team tentages.