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Tanglin Halt Circuit  Race




Tanglin Circuit Race will be our first road race for this new Cyclone Race Season of 2011.

This 1.1km circuit loops just across popular weekend hangout of Holland Village, allow for an easy morning race for family to spectate and support.

We will be introducing Cyclone Season number for the first time, where your race number stick with you through the season.

So crank up your race speed, as we start your racing season again!



Sun 27th Mar 2011
(7.30am - 12noon)


Race Course

Tanglin Halt Close
(see race course map)


Race Registration

Registration details available here.
Free Gel and goodies on race day by SIS nutrition if you register early! 

DEADLINE for registration is 22nd Mar 2011, 1800hrs 

Cyclone Season Number will be used.
These Season Number tags are also embedded with the latest offering from our timing technology.
In bid to help the environment and not disposing tags, we will be issuing riders with one set of customized number per season.
Fear not if you happen to destroy it in crashes, we do have a reasonable replacement policy for these number tags.

Timing Device Placement- HOWTO


Check out on  SIS special promotions  and
Conticomponents promotions given for this race.


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