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Rules & Regulations


  • Circuit Race : click  here (PDF)

Participant shall be deemed to have read and understood the rules and regulations upon registering for the race.

If you are physically unwell or unfit , we would advise you not to take part in our events.
In case of any medical conditions that we should be aware of, please write to us and we will inform our race director.

Circuit Race Rules Highlights

  • ONE free mechanical lap (like puncture) for any mechanical incident, wheel swap and mechnical fix to be performed at the designated pitstop.
  • Lapped riders will be allowed to continue provided it's not an obstruction to the race flow, at the race director discretion. Riders will still be considered for minor placing for Cyclone Race Series points allocation.

Timing device placement for Cyclone Road Series


  • No bending/modification/cutting of timing device.
  • Timing device should be placed at the top front portion of the helmet as indicated on the photo.
  • For optimal efficiency, timing device should be placed horizontal as indicated on the diagram.
  • Incorrect placement of timing device may interfere with your results.

Team Tentage & Advertising Materials

  • Team tentage should only be placed in the designated area.
  • Display of any banners or advertising material should only be confined within each individual tentage.
  • Unauthorized distribution of promotional material paid or unpaid is not allowed.
  • Teams and riders are responsible for the cleaniness of the surrounding, please asked for waste bags from our crew.